Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update


Following the updated advice from the UK Government, Solve-IT are continuing to work from home to protect our colleagues. We are also maintaining an in-office presence in order to continue providing the best possible support for our clients, old and new. 

Our teams are still fully available by phone and online to support your requirements, so your interactions with them should remain unchanged.


It is business (almost!) as usual here at Solve-IT and we will work together with people to empower them through technology through this difficult time.



Our Service Desk successfully supports clients all over the world with a comprehensive suite of tools. These tools include a full range of remote screen control for both Windows PCs and Apple Macs, together with a Remote Monitoring & Management agent, we like to refer to as our “Solve-IT DNA”, as it becomes integral to the IT environment. 



Office 365 is the same Microsoft Office suite you already know and use every day; plus more. Office 365 is powered by the cloud, allowing access to your applications and files from virtually anywhere on all of your devices and they are always up to date. No more worrying about having the latest updates to features; they will come to you automatically.



Solve-IT can provide a tailored solution for however your business works. We utilise additional cloud features such as a Managed Online Backup to ensure all company data is safely stored off-site; Vade Secure Advanced Email Protection to apply multi-layer threat defence and Cloud Network drives to give your users the ability to securely access company data from anywhere.


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