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With Solve-IT’s Voice over IP (VoIP) cloud phone systems, you and your business could call anywhere in the UK for a penny a minute, and call anywhere in the world from a penny a minute. Together with low cost phone lines we can provide flexible, easy to install, multi line systems, without the commitment of a long term contract.

This function rich phone system is ideal for businesses, and adds significant benefits to those who have multiple locations, use home-workers or have staff who regularly work away from their base. 

Solve-IT can help you migrate your existing phone numbers to the cloud, keeping your number and dialling code - regardless of your current or future locations.

Cloud Extension

IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), multiple ring/hunt groups and time conditions, all included in one simple monthly fee. Free internal calling and seamless transferring of calls regardless of site or location.

Annual commitment, paid monthly

£10.00 /mo

Call Recording

Ensure that you have accurate historic records for training and monitoring purposes. Securely stored in the cloud for up to 6 months and accessible at any time.

Annual commitment, paid monthly

£8.00 /mo

Direct Dial Number

Geographical and non-geographical numbers, which can be used for a range of applications, from your main business number to individual direct dials.

Gold and memorable numbers provided upon request

Annual commitment, paid monthly, from:

£2.00 /mo