As your IT Support partner, Solve-IT can provide a tailored solution for however your business works.


We utilise additional cloud features such as a Managed Online Backup to ensure all company data is safely stored off-site; Vade Secure Advanced Email Protection to apply multi-layer threat defence and Cloud Network drives to give your users the ability to securely access company data from anywhere.

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Managed Online Backup

Prices vary dependent on size of backup, and type of workstation or server.

500GB packages start from £20.00 for workstations and £85.00 for servers.

Annual commitment, paid monthly

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Vade Secure Advanced Email Protection

Join over 600 million people globally and protect your Office 365 mailbox from spam, phishing and spear phishing attacks with the global leader in multi-layer email security.

Annual commitment, paid monthly

£2.49 /mo


Cloud Network Drive

A scalable, secure and resilient shared network drive in the cloud. Hosted in Microsoft Azure and can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. Move seamlessly from 100GB up to 1TB.


Example below based on 100GB.

Annual commitment, paid monthly

£19.99 /mo