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Server backup

Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your standard servers and virtual machines, with the integration of all plug-ins. And when your customers need access to their data, it's available online.

Workstation backup

Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your computers and laptops. Easily establish policies per plug-in and quickly search for important files.

Cross-platform compatibility

Managed Online Backup seamlessly integrates with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper-V®, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle® and VMware®.

Virtual Disaster Recovery™

Automate disaster recovery and provide increased data accessibility with the ability to perform a full system restore via a virtual machine. Waiting for repairs to a physical machine, or buying a new one, isn't necessary.

Central live monitoring

Solve-IT conveniently manage all aspects of your backup and restore in real time. Select and adjust policies, receive detailed analysis, and more - all from one dashboard.


Managed Online Backup identifies any changes to a file and only backs up added or altered blocks that were not part of previous file backups, therefore conserving bandwidth and saving space by preventing the double storage of data.

Bare Metal Recovery

Automates, simplifies and reduces the recovery time needed for physical Windows systems. Creates bootable USB recovery media to bring you back to similar, or like hardware. Installation of Operating Systems and applications are not required.

Local Speed Vault™

When you're offline, a copy of your backup goes to your local storage, or speed vault directory. This creates an exceptionally fast local restore, saving potentially hours of time downloading your data from the cloud.