How to add a new email signature on Microsoft Outlook

We've all been there... new job, or new job title, or just a change to your contact details? To add a new signature, or replace an old one in Outlook, first open up a new email:

Then, click on Signature, on the ribbon along the top of the new email:

Click, Signatures, and the below window will open up:

Add your new signature into the window, and ensure you have selected the default signature for New Messages and Replies/forwards, otherwise you may miss out when you reply to an email.

You can have multiple email signatures and pick them from the dropdown menu in the email.

However, it is worth noting that these signatures will NOT apply if you send from any other PC, laptop or mobile phone and you will have to manually set this up. When sending on a mobile phone, there is no guarantee the signature will look well formatted or even legible.

Don't like the sound of unprofessional email signatures being sent from a range of devices? Nor do we.

That's why we use Exclaimer! Professional, easy to use email signatures for Microsoft 365. These signatures can be applied at the cloud level and be sent consistently across all your devices, without the need to set up on each one.

Contact us today for more information about Exclaimer and what Solve-IT can do for you!

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