BT 2025 Switch Off – Are you a business with a BT Phone Service? You need to read this…

It has been announced recently that as part of a cost saving measure BT are permanently turning off important aspects of their network. This includes the IDSN and PSTN services, bringing the end of the analogue phone lines that many businesses rely on!

If you still use fax machines, or landline telephones you will need to look at alternatives before the services are cut off.

Luckily, with Solve-IT’s VoIP cloud phone systems, you and your business could call anywhere in the UK for a penny a minute and call anywhere in the world from a penny a minute. Together with low cost phone lines we can provide flexible, easy to install, multi-line systems, without the commitment of a long term contract. Within these systems you can have almost endless extensions, call recording where required and direct dials for those members of staff that require them.

If you are still using fax machines, and require their continued use, have no fear! There are electronic fax solutions that will enable you to continue using them that we can help with.

​With this change, current BT customers will be encouraged to take a service from BT, but it is important that you take the time to investigate other solutions. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with our competitively priced cloud solutions!

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