Emotet – What is it, and should I be worried?

Emotet is a continually evolving piece of malware, that has been known to affect big and small businesses across the globe. It started out as a Trojan (a piece of malware disguised as a legitimate file or program) in the banking sector. However, due to its success and persistence, it has since proliferated and it has been developed into a method of inserting other malware types such as TrickBot, WannaCry ransomware and Eternal Blue.

It might be that you have come across Emotet without even realising it – it works by sending an email (sometimes from a trusted sender) with a malicious attachment, which is then opened by the end user – infecting their organisation.

After a flurry of activity Emotet attacks seemed to have died down, but after a summer holiday, its back with more intelligence than ever! It can now avoid low-level spam filters and uninstall some security programs!

[Image via Malwarebytes]

The best ways to keep safe from an Emotet attack are:

  1. Never open an email from someone you don’t trust

  2. If you’re not expecting a document from someone you do trust, give them a call on some previously held credentials (not the ones listed in the fraudulent email, as this could lead you to a fake person)

  3. Keep your computer and programs updated with the latest security patches

  4. Use an anti-malware product, like Malwarebytes

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