Quicklaunch - New Release!

We are pleased to announce a new version of Quicklaunch has been released!

Version 4 of Quicklaunch has been released this week with lots of excellent new features, as well as the existing features that have made it one of the most popular meeting room interfaces on the market.

What is Quicklaunch?

It is the only meeting room interface to provide a ‘multi-platform integration’ and ‘turns any PC into a one-click meeting space’. It is a fantastic piece of software that is easy to use and provides a simple and secure meeting room interface.

If you have a space (or several) that you use for huddles, meetings, conferences across your organisation or with external parties, then QuickLaunch is for you! It allows you to integrate Microsoft Teams (previously Skype for Business), Webex, BlueJeans, Zoom and many others. When using QuickLaunch you can invite delegates to different types of meetings in your preferred format, e.g. Microsoft Teams, and easily attend external meetings in their preferred format, for example, Webex.

[Image via QuickLaunch]

Can you hear me? I can’t see you?

Familiar? Approximately 10 minutes per meeting is wasted with difficulty connecting – Quicklaunch reduces this to just one click per delegate – all you have to do is click Join!

Travel costs between meetings are eradicated and meeting space costs are reduced as there is no need to hire large conference rooms when you need to host more than your capacity. The intuitive interface is easily picked up, so the training costs are also minimal.

How do I arrange meetings?

Meetings can be arranged in the same way as you have been doing it before; except though the Quicklaunch interface. There is an easy to calendar which shows you when a meeting has been scheduled, who is the organiser, and what type of meeting is being held (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex etc.). Delegates are sent an invite as normal and by accepting they will then get a reminder and a link to join the meeting when the time comes to begin. One click, and you’re all in together!

 During the meeting, if you have dual screens, one screen can be showing the meeting and the other, a presentation or video that you are sharing with the meeting.

Quicklaunch defaults to Microsoft Teams but not to worry, external attendees will be given a link and can join as a guest, even if they don’t have a Microsoft Teams account.

If you’re starting to overrun, you can even extend your meeting if the room is available.

[Image via QuickLaunch]

Make it your own

Although Quicklaunch already looks great, it is fully customisable, with your own branding, icons and layout – this can be rolled out across your organisation for a uniform, professional feel.

There are three different editions of Quicklaunch:

Standard Edition

  • Suitable for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms

  • Integrates multiple collaboration platforms

Professional Edition

  • Suitable for all workspaces

  • Integrates multiple collaboration platforms

  • Multiple meeting rooms with calendars and Join

Ultimate Edition

  • Suitable for all workspaces

  • Integrates multiple collaboration platforms

  • Multiple meeting rooms with calendars and Join

  • Group Email Functionality

  • System and Meeting Check Ins with increased security with user credentials

  • Meeting Managers

  • Microsoft Teams API Integration

  • Advanced security requirements

  • RS232/IP Controls and Embedded Actions

Contact us today to add Quicklaunch to your business!

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