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Remote Management & Monitoring

With our Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) service we can easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of all Servers, Workstations and Mobile Devices within the business ensuring issues can be easily identified and resolved, usually before they escalate into problems or major outages.

Server Monitoring helps avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputation damage through proactive monitoring.  It watches over key parts of the Server that can cause most aggravation, and alerts you or our Helpdesk (depending on your Service Agreement with Solve-IT) to any issues, so they can be fixed expediently, before they become larger problems that can cause costly downtime.

Server & Security Monitoring

Our Server Security Monitoring tools provide you with the confidence that your business systems are safe and secure by monitoring elements of the system that underpin security and alerting you to any issues.

  • Safeguard business information from malicious attack by ensuring Anti Virus/Malware Software is completely up to date

  • Checks that Server Backup runs successfully and ensures that data is secure 

  • Monitor and automatically update Windows Updates and Patch Management ensuring critical updates are installed so servers are protected against possible compromise

  • Monitor and automatically update your 3rd party applications such as Adobe, Mozilla, Skype, Apple and many others ensuring when a vendor pushes out an update marked as critical, we can easily identify it from a feature only update and therefore keep your system secure

  • Receive alerts to unauthorised logins, so you or our Helpdesk can prevent dictionary attacks on your network, or identify users trying to access areas they are not permitted


Hardware & Disks Monitoring

Monitoring the physical health of servers can allow you to carry out maintenance and repairs on equipment, before problems cause major disruption to business. With this service constantly checking for hardware, disk errors or malfunctions, you'll keep hardware costs to a minimum, and prevent costly downtime.

  • Ensure your Servers' RAID disk subsystem is functioning 100%. Alerts Solve-IT to any RAID component issues, so we can replace disks before valuable business data is lost

  • Keep on top of relevant hardware performance such as Server Fan Speed and Temperatures, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Supplier, External Disks, and more


Performance Monitoring

Solve-IT's proactive Server Monitoring alerts to performance bottlenecks or problems with critical server resources, so we can fine tune or upgrade server components and keep your business running smoothly.

Monitor all aspects of Server Performance and keep systems in great shape:

  • Disk Space - or lack of it - can cause systems to grind to a halt and cause major disruption to business

  • Monitor Drive Space to ensure no partition is running short on available space

  • Monitor available Disk Space Consumption and be alerted when data on the disk has grown by more than X% in the past 24 hours, where X is a threshold set by you

  • Check Folder and File Sizes automatically to ensure presence of files, files of a certain size or even files and folders haven't exceeded a certain size

  • Check Windows Services are running as they should be. Be alerted to service status, for example the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service has stopped

  • Keep Exchange Server up and running by monitoring the size of the Information Store and Public Folders to avoid any size limitations

  • Solve-Monitor can quickly monitor performance of the most important parts of the Server:


Processor Health - monitors Processor Utilisation and Processor Queue Length
Memory Usage - key aspects of RAM, such as page file, RAM used, etc.
Network Interface - utilisation of your Servers NIC
Physical Disk - key disk performance criteria, e.g. queue length, etc.

Remote Management & Monitoring also allows you to check roles and functions, such as:

  • Email - check that the Exchange Server is running for users and accepting inbound email

  • Web Server - check the intranet server is responding to browser requests

  • DHCP/Login Server - check that a server is providing services to the whole of the network

  • Database Server - check a database application is running and it has space available to operate


What happens when a problem occurs?

When a problem occurs you or our Helpdesk will be alerted via email or SMS so we can get to work right away. This detailed information helps reduce diagnostic time so we can fix it faster.

For more details or to take a FREE 30 Day Trial, please give us a call on 01392 87 57 57 today.

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