Ongoing cyber awareness, simplified through automation.

Reduce user-related security incidents by measuring, mitigating and monitoring employee cyber risk through one comprehensive security awareness solution - launched in minutes and easily managed through smart automation.


Security Awareness Training - Online security awareness training tailored to each user, this includes the ability to create and upload company specific online training courses, centrally managed with version control.  



Human Risk Calculator - An in-depth assessment of what data has already been compromised and exposed in the past and shared on the dark web, with a view to help tailor a package of training to those who are most vulnerable. 


Test your knowledge - The ability to test an inbound email attack on the organisation, and assess who within the organisation is most likely be duped into giving away their credentials. 


Policy Management - Centralised policy management system with version control, audit capabilities and tracking. This comes with out-of-the-box IT security policies, and the ability to upload/add existing policies, into the same secure and shared management space.