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Yammer - The Enterprise Social Network

Yammer is a private social network that helps employees connect to the right people, share information and manage projects so that you can go farther – faster.

It connects you to colleagues, information and conversations. Tap into your network to quickly make decisions and get work done.

Regardless of the organisational chart, Yammer brings together people who share the same goals so that collaboration just happens – even on the go.

Yammer gives everyone a voice, letting you seize opportunities to go beyond your job description and share ideas to move you and your company forwards.

Groups: Give your teams a home

Three circled icons of a person, linked in a circle to show Yammer groups.

Work together in a Yammer Group: a flexible, collaborative workspace for teams to get work done wherever, whenever. Discuss project timelines, share the latest files, gather feedback, and more.

Create a Group

Easily create a group in seconds for any team, project, or interest and, with a few clicks, invite members without going through an admin. 


Share an announcement with a group to instantly notify members of important updates. Admins can pin announcements to a group for easy discovery. 

Discover related groups

Add and prioritise groups related to the ones you’ve already joined so coworkers can discover even more relevant people, content, and conversations.

Group Search

Search within a group to pinpoint conversations and content.

External groups: Coming Soon

Invite customers, partners, and vendors to join your group, so they can quickly access the information they need. 

Group navigation panel

Easily find and switch between the project and team groups that are most relevant to you.

Conversations: Connect with othersTwo conversation bubbles with an ellipsis inside, indicating Yammer conversations.

Yammer is built around open communication—when people work in the open, everyone benefits from and can contribute to information sharing.

Post a Message

Use the publisher to share updates, add files, post polls, praise someone, or loop someone into conversations by @mentioning their name. 

Global communication

Select from 28 languages (including right to left message composition and readability) to seamlessly communicate with your coworkers around the world.

See who’s online now

See who’s online and instantly start a private discussion with one or more coworkers. The people with whom you interact the most are automatically sorted in the contact list.

Message translation

Remove language as a barrier with message translation. Instantly translate conversations into your native language with Microsoft Translator.

Private messages

Start a private dialogue with one or more coworkers. You can add more participants at any time.

External messaging

Bring your partners, vendors, and customers into the discussion. Add their email addresses to conversations and private messages within your Yammer network to get their feedback.

Share conversations

Share conversations to another group or via private message to relay important information. 

External networks

Create a dedicated online workspace to collaborate with business contacts outside of your company’s Yammer network.


Follow @mentions, group announcements, conversations, and private messages across your project teams in a single location.

Documents: Collaborate with easeA message in an envelope with a pen, light bulb, and conversation bubble to show collaboration.

Create, share, and discuss content without ever leaving your browser. With Yammer, you can collaborate on notes in real time and have conversations around Office Online documents. 

Upload and share files

Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and videos across teams and get feedback right away. Upload new versions to ensure everyone sees the latest drafts.

See recent changes

At a glance, view all the edits made to a document by each collaborator in the Recent Changes pane. Revert to a previous version at any time. 

Make notes in real time

Draft content and coauthor wikis with your team while seeing character-by-character changes in real time.

Official content

Mark files and notes as official and read-only. Official content appears higher in inbox search results and content directories for easy access.

Social graph: Discover what you needCircled icons of a lined globe, people, and messages, linked to show how Yammer connects teams.

Teams make better decisions when they have greater visibility. Yammer lets you discover things you wouldn’t have found otherwise: the right people, documents, and conversations you need to get your best work done. 

Contextual discovery

Contextual discovery automatically surfaces relevant conversations and work of others at the company, providing greater visibility that enables you to make better decisions. 

Find the right people within your groups

Because groups are public by default, you can tap into the expertise of others by viewing the conversations and work of others at the company who share common objectives. 


The advanced search algorithm of Yammer helps you find the most relevant conversations, groups, files, and people across the company to help reduce duplicate work.


Share your knowledge when you upload a picture, fill in contact details, and list your expertise. Profiles aggregate all your information, including conversations and files.

Intelligent feed

Stay on top of relevant conversations, files, and projects happening across the company. Feeds let you quickly engage in the work and conversations around you. 


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