Further your knowledge of Microsoft Office!

Sometimes struggling to tell the difference between your Pivot Tables and Conditional Formatting? Get your Word Art mixed up with your Smart Art?

Head over to the Microsoft Training Centre, where Microsoft have a wealth of training resources and templates for you to get started. There are training materials available for all the major Microsoft Office packages; PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote. Not to mention, there are many others available that you are most likely to have included in your subscription for example, Teams, Access, Yammer and Visio.

There are loads of resources, with quick training to get you started if you’re a newbie to Microsoft Office, Quick Start guides for those with a little more experience, and Tips for experienced users to enable you to get the most out of your Office Apps. There are even Training Templates that can be worked through to help you apply your skills to a document and check your knowledge.

The basic resources can help a new Microsoft Office user to get started and be productive as soon as they complete the training - it is handled in small, bitesize videos which are easy to watch and put new-found skills into use.

Quick Start Guides can be used for someone who has a little more experience in Microsoft Office, but requires a helping hand to begin using them.

Microsoft Tips are for more experienced users who want to get more out of Microsoft Apps. Tips include handy keyboard shortcuts, how to embed videos, charting data and many more!

The Microsoft Training Centre can be found below, and we have a link to it on our Quick Support page!

Let us know what you learn there and your favourite handy tip for Microsoft users!

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