Get the daily Quarantine email digest from Microsoft? You need to read this…

Here at Solve-IT we are one of the many Microsoft users that use the daily email digest of the junk that has been quarantined.

This usually takes the form of an email, listing the different emails that have been blocked by your spam filters and have been quarantined for the safety of your IT environment. In mid-October, you may notice that this email stops coming. This doesn’t mean your junk filters aren’t working anymore, but your quarantine has changed.

Normally, users of the quarantine digest would expect to use one of the below options:

You will now have the option to navigate to the Quarantine Portal within the Security and Compliance Centre on your Microsoft Portal login to take actions on the emails that have been locked in Quarantine – you might need some of them!

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for this change as it will be gradually rolled out by Microsoft during October 2019.

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