How to set up NTL World Email on an iPad

I put together this blog a few years ago to help iPhone/iPad users who were experiencing problems setting up their NTLworld and Virgin Media email domains.  

It has happily helped thousands of people to successfully setup their devices to send and receive their email. 

This guide was updated 08 September 2014 after a number of people such as Claire Wilson and others reported the IMAP servers stopped working.  So please note the new IMAP and SMTP servers should be, not  

Take your time and follow them systematically.  Just ensure you fully remove any old NTL accounts completely before following these steps, so don't try to overwrite your existing settings.  

Instructions - For all devices including the latest iPhone 5s & iPads using iOS 6 & 7

1. Turn on "Airplane Mode" to guarantee you have no Internet connection during the next steps.

2. Open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click “Add Account…”

3. From the list of Email suppliers choose “Other” and "Add Mail Account"

4. Input your Name, Email and Password, with the Description of your Email domain, e.g. NTLworld.

5. Leave the account type as "IMAP" and complete all additional fields such as username/password.  Now enter the following for Incoming and Outgoing Servers: 

** Updated - Now use and **

6. Complete the Account setup and ignore the couple of prompts about the "account may not be setup properly".

7.  Go back into your Email Account, click your email address and you should now see an "Advanced"option.  Setup the Incoming Server to use "SSL" and ensure the Server Port is set to "993".  

8. Now choose Account top-left  to go back a page and above "Advanced", now choose "Outgoing Mail Server", select your Primary Server address, e.g. and turn on "SSL", ensuring the port is changed to "465".  Now choose "Done" and come out of the Account completely.

9. Turn off "Airplane Mode" and ensure you are connected to the wireless again.  

*** Your Email should now start to sync. ***

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