Stay on track with Cortana in Windows 10

In the current climate, there has been a massive shift to working from home. As we spend longer and longer at home, we could all use some helpful tips to stay on track, whilst maintaining a good work/life balance.

How about using the new features from Cortana! Your personal productivity assistant in Microsoft 365, to make it easier to get time back on your busy schedule and focus on what matters.

Stay on track with Cortana in Windows 10—To help you save time finding what you need and stay focused, Microsoft have released a new chat-based Cortana experience in Windows 10 focused on enhancing your productivity. Now you'll be able to ask Cortana what you have in your calendar for the day, set reminders and add tasks.

Stay organised and connected with Play My Emails— Save time, don't read your emails, listen to them! Cortana will read out your emails to you, allowing you to multitask and carry out other tasks while getting ahead of the day. You can also ask Cortana to schedule meetings in response to emails. There are also new voice commands, for example, you can tell your next meeting that you're running late.

Start your day on track with the Briefing email—The new briefing email will help you be prepared for your day. It appears automatically in your Outlook near the start of your workday, providing clear, actionable insights into your upcoming appointments and tasks. This email will also make it easy for you to reserve quiet time during your workday for uninterrupted focused work with any Microsoft Teams notifications silenced.

Cortana is a personal productivity assistant that only uses data safely and securely, so no need to worry. Microsoft, and Solve-IT's main priority is protecting your privacy and data. Office 365 has Enterprise level security, protecting you every step of the way. Atay tuned for more innovations coming with Cortana!

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