MileIQ - The automatic mileage tracking app

MileIQ is a fantastic new mileage tracking tool that has been rolled out by Microsoft this week.

What is MileIQ?

It is an app created by Microsoft for accurate mileage reporting, easy logging and clear location data. MileIQ is part of your Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium licenses, so if you already have this, then you’re ready to begin using it! MileIQ is perfect for larger businesses with many different people wanting to make mileage claims, and also if you are self employed and need to track your mileage for tax deductions.

What features does it have?

Automatic Tracking

Using the location data from your phone that you consent to give, the MileIQ app automatically captures your drives and tracks the miles. The data captured is comprehensive and clearly presented.

[Image from MileIQ]

Easy Classification

Drives can be classified with a simple left or right swipe to be either a personal drive or an eligible work claim.

[Image from MileIQ]

Accurate Reporting

Once you are ready to submit your mileage claim, you can export your drives to a clear and concise report to be sent to the relevant contact within your organisation. This can also be used if you are self employed and you need to provide a report for tax deductible reasons.

Whilst MileIQ is based on the fact that you have your phone with you when you’re driving (and let’s be honest – most of us do!), if you forget your phone, you can easily add a drive on your MileIQ account. No missed mileage claims!

If you are the MileIQ Adminstrator, you can add many different settings to your organisation. This can range from the cost per mile, working hours and adding different pool vehicles. You can also choose custom locations, and different purposes for the drives. For those using the app as the end user, you can then easily choose which vehicle you’re in and this is reported clearly on the final claim.

[Image from MileIQ]

What about my privacy?

Although MileIQ tracks your location when you’re driving, your workplace cannot see any of your drives until you submit them as part of your mileage report, your secret trips to the bakery are safe with MileIQ!

How do I start?

If you already have a Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium license then you are ready to go – contact us today and we can help you set up MileIQ and you can begin tracking miles straightaway. If you have a slightly different license, then contact us and we could uplift your current license and then MileIQ can be added.

Contact us today and start tracking those miles!

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